Jake Stevens is a writer, broadcaster and voiceover artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

An experienced communicator, Jake was first placed in front of a microphone at just 13, and has gone on to present and producing a variety of radio shows with SYN Media. He has since expanded his skillset to include digital content and social media, copywriting and voiceover, and is helping build Lava, the radio tool that helps you Radio. Better.

Jake is also the co-founder of The Penny Mint, a Melbourne-based collective for young writers to publish, perform and perfect their words. He has previously recieved awards for his essays and fiction work, and in 2019 will perform his work for the first time.

Currently undertaking a Bachelor of Media & Communication (Professional) at Swinburne University, he is gaining additional experience in video production and photography, working both in team environments as well as independently.

To get in touch with Jake, visit the Contact page.

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14 Jul. 2019
pimlico • westminster • brixton
4 Jul. 2019
Promoted as a politician and a historian 'locking horns' over how we tell the story of Australia's colonial history; instead, a lively discussion about the women too often disregarded in our history
17 May 2019
"a jolly man affixed on marigold board pledges of greatness from a third storey two thumbs up to hide the fraudulence"